avani [uh-vah-knee] "the good earth"

i have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world, and those experiences mean more to me than anything... (well, besides my friends, family and cats, so almost anything!) no matter how much or little money i was making, or how much or little pto i had, i saved it all up and it went towards travel.

after years in sales and retail management i chose to follow my dreams of "figuring out a way to somehow work in travel" and just did it! i knew it was important to me to continue in a career that would allow me to build long lasting relationships as it is something i truly love about working with people. so, with my passions and skills combined, i knew this was the perfect place for me.

with that said, welcome to AVANI TRAVEL CO., i am so glad you're here!

about avani travel co.